Nelson - New Zealand

There are plenty of reasons to visit beautiful Nelson, located in the northern end of the South Island of New Zealand. From its pristine surroundings to it culture and art scene you can enjoy a holiday that is filled with so many delights you will wonder where you are going to start first.

Spend your days in this relaxing city that is filled with cafés, shopping, dining, entertainment and outstanding attractions to many to list. With its wonderful luscious gardens, green rolling hills in the background and the Alps just nearby, you can have a playground full of adventure for your next holiday, or even just kick back and soak up the atmosphere that is Nelson.

Nelson is one of the very few places in the whole of New Zealand that enjoys more sunshine than any other place in the country! Within the city limits you can witness historic buildings, green pastures, golden sandy beaches, an array of dining options to suit all tastes and budgets as well as ample shopping treats to really give the wallet a good work out. There are plenty of museums and fine art galleries to wander through and with many places boasting wonderful local art you are sure to find some amazing pieces to buy to remember you trip by.

From the nearby Marlborough region wineries, National Parks and beaches you can spend all your time doing so many things in and around the city or you can just relax and enjoy the laid back lifestyle that the people of Nelson have come to love. There are plenty of tours that you can join if you wish to let someone else do the driving for you, that will let you experience the best parts that surround Nelson. But there is also the option of hiring your own vehicle and make up your own itinerary as you go along and discover this amazing area for yourself.

The city of Nelson is also closely located to the very popular Marlborough Sounds with is lush tranquil rainforests, pristine coastline and quiet and very private bays that have excellent swimming for the little ones. Come and see why so many people come to visit this beautiful place with its camping, hiking, bushwalking, fishing, diving, boating and hunting possibilities that it boasts.

You will enjoy that holiday that you have been dreaming about for so long when you come to Nelson. So call us now to discuss the many possibilities for your next holiday to this exciting destination.

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