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Samoa is a destination with its own unique flare and vibrant feel and once you arrive and begin to experience and discover the numerous treasures and delights it is only then that you will find a place where time seems to stand still. With its ancient rainforests, volcanic peaks, pristine rainforests and beautiful ocean waters you will soon quickly realise that you are holidaying in one of the last true remaining tropical paradises on earth. Whether you decide to travel by sea or by air you can find yourself arriving at Samoa by many means of transportation from different destinations around. This small collection of islands is a holiday unlike anything else you have every experienced and with its picture postcard setting you will wonder why you haven’t visited before.

The ten islands of Samoa, with Upolu which is the most populates one and is home to the capital city of Apia, you will find quiet seclusion, places to tuck yourself away in or you can base yourself right in the heart of all the action. Discover the simple pleasures in life, swim under cascading waterfalls, bath in pristine lagoons and walk along silicon white sandy beach that glisten in the sun light. Samoa is a place where dreams come true and all your cares disappear. Enjoy a stress free holiday filled with adventure, sightseeing, lazing sunny days and plenty of family fun.

Samoa will have you feeling like you are worlds away from anything as you hike along winding rainforest trails, dive upon beautiful underwater coral gardens and get up close to beautifully coloured reef fish, turtles, dolphins and mantra rays, where you can cruise the ocean waters on a luxury sailing yacht for the day and do some world class fishing on some of the best fishing spots in the world. The lifestyle of Samoa is an attractive one and one that you won’t want to give up in a hurry, as the vibrancy of the islands seem to revive, rejuvenate and replenish the body, mind and soul. You can choose to explore and discover or slow it right down to a snail pace, it is all up to you for your holiday to Samoa. Explore lava tubes and swimming holes, walk along stunning rugged cliff tops and around mountain ranges that will take you past some of the most amazing scenery you will ever lay your eyes upon.

It is a holiday destination for all travellers, even if you are sticking to a tight budget! Accommodation here doesn’t have to cost the earth for you to still enjoy the creature comforts of home, and with the choice of hotels, resorts, apartments, spa retreats, beach front suites and more, you are sure to find the perfect style of accommodation for you and your budget. Where ever you base yourself from in Samoa you will never be far from all that there is to see and do, so book your accommodation today, ask about any great deals and specials that you may be able to take advantage of and start planning your vacation to the Pacific Islands which is one of the best holiday spots in the world. Plan the ultimate weddings, business conference, family vacation, honeymoon or trip with friends, and discover for yourself why so many people love to return to Samoa.

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