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Australian Island resorts are a preferred holiday destination by people all over the world. The huge Variety of accommodation and activities that each provide are suitable for all different cultural groups. If you are looking for a holiday, perhaps with that island resort feel, how about you come and visit one of our Australian Island resorts? We have an extreme diversity that suits honeymooners to retirees, young couples to families. Our magnificent Islands stretch right around the east coast of Australia to the bottom of South Australia. The most Northern Queensland Islands we have on offer are beautiful Lizard Island, Green Island, Dunk, Bedarra and Orpheus Island.

The gorgeous Lizard Island resort, Bedarra Island resort and Orpheus Island resort are best suited for those special occasions. With their “all inclusive” rates and superior standards, your holiday will be a delight. The Northern Queensland Islands are desired for their beautiful reefs and diving.





A little further south you come to the Whitsunday Islands. The Whitsundays are made up of 80 different islands off the coast of Airlie Beach. Hamilton Island resort is by far the most popular, with its easy accessible airport, packages and specials, it is a dream holiday destination for the Average family. Other Family orientated Islands are Hayman Island resort, South Molle, Daydream Island resort and Long Island resort. Most of these Islands have packages including kids stay FREE. Transfers between each Whitsunday Island can be accessed by main land Shute harbour or Hamilton Island resort. The main word that springs to mind when talking about the Whitsundays is sunshine. With the ideal weather all year round there is no holding back on water skiing, snorkelling, fishing, canoeing etc. However if you aren’t in the mood for adventurous sports, just enjoy relaxing in the sun, or enjoy a massage.

Hamilton Island now offers Qualia, a premium, luxury resort which is regarded as one of the most spectacular properties in the world. This unique property has a mesmerising relaxed feel, and as it only caters for persons above the age of 18 you will be sure to have your privacy.

lizard island sunset
daydream sunset
heron island beach

Heading down from the Whitsundays you will run into the Coral and Fraser Coast Islands. The Coral Island group is made up of three magical Islands: Heron Island resort, Great Keppel Island and Lady Elliott island resort. Heron Island resort is accessible from Gladstone by Launch or Air. Lady Elliott can be accessed by air from either Bundaberg or Hervey Bay. This brings us to our most famous Fraser Coast Island – Fraser Island. This is a must see attraction as it is the world’s largest sand island and home to an abundance of Australian wildlife including Dingoes. Fraser Island has a large range of resort accommodation available from backpacker hostels to resort star apartments. Which ever way you decide to visit Fraser, either by guided tour or self drive, you will be enticed by the nature that surrounds you.

On the New South Wales coast line we offer to two Island resorts: Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island. Both Islands offer a very different experience. Lord Howe Island is widely known for it being on the most southern part of the Coral Reef, which makes fishing a treat. It offers an unforgettable view where the mountains join the rainforest. Norfolk Island offers a step back in time to when the convicts occupied the Island. With the ruins still remaining, it’s hard not to feel like you are a part of their history. Norfolk is a shopper’s delight as it offers Duty Free Products!

norfolk island
lord howe island

Further information on these Australian Islands Resorts, and others, can be found on our website If you would like to speak directly to one of our dedicated staff at Australian Travel Wholesalers do not hesitate to contact us on Free Call 1800 815 378 or international +61 7 4128 6607, or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your ideal travel plans.

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