Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island is one of the few Great Barrier Reef islands that has a budget resort and is actually part of the Great Barrier Reef itself. Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay and it is an important turtle hatchery as well as having a large seabird nesting population. The reefs surrounding the island have a reputation for providing the finest diving anywhere on the reef and the water clarity is normally in excess of 25 meters. This means you will have a quality diving experience and staying on a coral cay means you simply have to walk in off the beach to be diving or snorkeling among the coral.

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Lady Elliot Island is famous for the range of sea life that you are likely to see on one of your dives. Encounters with humpback whales have been known here. The islands motif is the Manta Ray and these huge fish are common here. Many different species of sharks can be found in the waters surrounding the island and lots of turtles and coral fish are always about. If you come during the turtle breeding season, you will be able to see the females laying their eggs in the dunes or even see the baby turtles hatch out and run to the sea. Some of the seabirds that nest on the island are extremely rare and this includes some species of Frigate Bird where there are only a very few breeding pairs of their kind, known to be left.

The resort is clean and comfortable without being luxurious. There are permanent hard floored tent cabins, self contained beachfront cabins, a dive shop, restaurant and research center. The resort staff on Lady Elliot Island includes dive masters and instructors so you can come to Lady Elliot Island as a diving novice and leave as a qualified diver. Access to Lady Elliot island is only by air and daily flights come in from Bundaberg,Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts. You can also do just a day trip if that’s what suits you best. The resort is as close to carbon neutral as possible with solar power being fully utilized and sea water desalination provides the resorts water supplies. Lady Elliot Island is one of the least expensive ways to visit and enjoy the Great Barrier Reef.

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