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Often referred to as a place where time stands still, Tonga is a holiday destination located just off to the east of the international date line, where crystal clear ocean waters lap the beautiful white sandy beaches that are fringed by tropical palm trees that say in the breeze. This magical image of heaven on earth is just the beginning of what you will have to look forward to when you choose Tonga as your unique holiday destination in the Pacific. Tonga is an interesting country where ancient traditions are collectively mixed together with modern living, where Tongans love to have the latest of most things but will resort back to the old method of resolving difficulties and important matters around a large bowl of kava.

Tonga is somewhere where rich ocean waters are teeming with marine life, snorkelling adventures and world class diving sites, where pristine rainforests just beacon you to come in and explore and boasts a wonderful laid back lifestyle that is easily soaked up from the moment you arrive. Watch passing whales on the migratory pattern past the Tongan Islands, cruise around the neighbouring islands for the day on a luxury cruising vessel where water sports such as swimming, snorkelling, diving and fishing will be just the beginning of an unforgettable trip or spend some time surfing the locals breaks around the islands.

Whether you are looking to jump straight into the water, explore the attractions or soak up the glorious sun, Tonga is a unique holiday destination in the South Pacific. Enjoy the culture, experience the history and get up close to an array of wildlife and marine life that will leave you spell bound. Tonga is a place that nature lovers fall in love with nature all over again with its variety of bird life, sea life and beautiful native forests. Explore the hiking trails and set out with your own personal tour guide that will take you along volcanic slopes, past limestone caves and through pristine wilderness.

Choose to stay at one of the resorts that are scattered around the islands of Tonga, where not only will the low cost rates blow you away but the wonderful accommodation that will have you staying in luxury will too. From cheap backpacker rates to luxury resorts that are more than affordable, Tonga is a place for all travellers, whatever your budget might be. There are private beach huts, luxury resorts, hotels and huts that can be booked for the perfect tropical hideaway in Tonga. Or perhaps a cruising holiday with your own chartered boat, meals and skipper appeals to you, which can be arranged for a Tongan holiday with a difference.

Walk along secluded beaches, check out the local markets, meet friendly and interesting locals, cruise the ocean waters, explore underwater coral gardens, go horse riding along the beach or be pampered in a day spa. It won’t matter the type of holiday you are looking for, as Tonga is the ultimate destination. See what this South Pacific Island has to offer you for your next trip away and start planning the ideal vacation in paradise filled with all things tropical, magical, romantic and enchanting.

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