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An island lined with palm trees, fringed by azure blue waters and home to one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world, this is Tahiti. This perfect postcard setting is a tropical paradise, where people come to escape from it all, forget about the outside world and indulge themselves. Tahiti is one of the just a collection of islands that make up the French Polynesian, where you will find crystal clear lagoons, volcanic peaks, stunning rainforests and sun kissed beaches. Feel yourself slip away into a world of delight from the moment you arrive as you begin the holiday of a lifetime in Tahiti.

Wander through the local markets where local arts, handmade crafts and traditional foods can all be found, entertain yourself in the heart of Papeete, the capital city where you will be greeted with bars, restaurants, day spas, pearly shops, nightclubs, boutiques and nightly entertainment. From dawn until dusk and then on into the night you will find so many wonderful things to fill your days with in Tahiti you will find it hard to decide where to begin first. Enjoy an open air day spa where you will be treated to sensual oils, flowers and fragrances and then step onto a luxury boat for a day of sailing around the neighbouring islands.

From deep sea fishing and sport fishing to diving down to the underwater caves, coral reefs and canyons you will have chance to swim with marine life that calls these waters home, such as turtles, mantra rays, dolphins, sharks and beautiful reef fish. Swim around the drop offs, explore the shipwrecks or experience an underwater drift dive or beautiful lagoons that are home to amazing animal species. Whether you are looking to spend time under the water, on top of it or having your feet firmly on terrifirmer, you will enjoy a holiday in Tahiti like you have never done before! There are glass bottom boat rides, sailing adventures, hiking trails to set out on and plenty of sun to soak up while watching the kids play in the water.

Hire your own jet ski, go surfing with the kids, have a picnic packed for just the two of you for a romantic interlude at a secluded beach or take to the skies for a scenic helicopter joy flight. Enjoy a holiday where you don’t worry about the time, where you won’t even want to wear a watch and set your body clock to island time. Everywhere you go and everything that you see will have you enjoying the wonderful sights and delights that have made Tahiti so famous! Spend time exploring the hiking trails that will take you through beautiful scenery and past cascading waterfalls, stop for awhile to swim in the rock pools and then finish the day off with parasailing, water skiing, parachuting and swimming in the azure blue waters.

Whether you are after a private beach hut, over water bungalow, resort, luxury hotel, cottage or unique style Tahitian cabin, there are numerous styles of accommodation for you to select from when finding the right home away from home. See which style of accommodation suits you the best and start planning your trip to Tahiti in the Pacific Islands where you will discover a tropical paradise and a desired holiday spot to the stars.

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