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Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands might be close neighbours, but they have to be the most contrasting bordering countries in terms of geographical makeup and the magnificence of their scenery.

Australia is famous around the world for the spectacular Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, its magnificent beaches and Whitsunday group of islands which include the posh Hamilton Island and Hayman Island resorts. You can also throw in a good number of other stunning island resorts as well as glorious cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, attractions by themselves that folks from all over the world flock to each year.

Then there is New Zealand, a natural delight whose landscape and resources inspire awe and remind us we are part of something greater. Its stunning snow capped mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, volcanoes and boiling mud are a trademark you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The Pacific Islands, for their part, are one of the most idyllic holiday stops on the planet.

This triumvirate is a vacationer’s paradise and should definitely be on your bucket list, traveller or not. Otherwise you can count it as a missed opportunity in life.

Australian Holidays

There are different ways you can experience these three gems which are extremely advanced in terms of tourist infrastructure.

If you fancy driving, how about a campervan rental or motorhome holiday? The Australian tours and activities you can partake in are so numerous you will be spoilt for choice.

Go skiing in the magnificent ski resorts of New South Wales or wine tasting in the dozens of wineries up north in the Hunter Valley region. Uncover Victoria’s proud history and experience its love affair with the arts; probably sample its rugged coastlines and lush alpine outlook, or may be take in Melbourne’s distinctive European feel.

Ski enthusiasts don’t need to wait until winter to feel the rush. Just get in touch with us and we’ll organise something for you in some of the best ski resorts!

Consider an expedition through Queensland and enjoy the best the state has to offer firsthand. Visit the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and bask in their fantastic beaches. Take Queensland Rail to the Queensland Rail to the Whitsundays and see what its world-famous islands and resorts have to offer.

Venture to the Far North Queensland and encounter magnificent resort towns like Cairns and Port Douglas. And remember a holiday to Queensland is not complete without a tour to the Great Barrier Reef.

If driving is not on the cards, you can take a coach through the Outback and stopover at landmark locations like Darwin, Alice Springs and Ayers Rock (Uluru).

There are myriad organised tours to choose from, with both Australia and New Zealand boasting a rich number of tour companies that provide a vast array of options when it comes to itinerary.

Pacific Islands Getaway

The Pacific Islands comprise a group of famous islands. 

In terms of tourist-centred infrastructure, Hawaii and Tahiti come out tops, but given tourism is the main offering in islands like Hawaii, it’s easy to understand why.

Fiji, on the other hand, is known for its impressive natural assortment that includes its rugged landscape of blue lagoons, striking palm-lined beaches, as well as a bunch of eco-activities such as mountain climbing, soft-coral diving, zip-lining and surfing.

These three have island resorts that number in the hundreds, and boast international airports that make access easy.

Other Pacific Islands that add to the variety include the smaller Cook IslandsTonga and Samoa, great locations for anyone looking for one of the best laidback atmospheres in the world.

The islands of Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea round it up and are a feast for history buffs what with attractions and traditions that date back centuries. 

But if there is one thing these destinations are renowned for, it is their untainted stunning beaches and breathtaking coral reefs. The nights here are to die for. The sight of a full moon glistening through coconut palms and reflecting in a serene and reflective sea is a picture literally worth a thousand words. 

If you are looking for any information pertaining to holidaying in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, this website provides the most comprehensive material you will find in one place to help you plan and book your next holiday to these fantastic destinations. 

If you need any clarification, we are extremely happy to be of help! Feel free to get in touch, anytime is a good time.

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