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Picture a place that is as pristine as they come, and with every changing season there is something new to discover… That is the North Island of New Zealand! Throughout winter the mountains are snow capped with some of the world’s finest skiing on Mt Ruapehu which is an active volcano, no less, where you can whisk down the mountain slopes on soft white powder that is perfect for all levels of skiing. What better place to roam free. Throughout spring you are greeted with brilliant bright colours that constantly surround you and exude tranquillity as you travel along the coastline roads to the many vibrant towns along the way. Summer is a gorgeous time of year to visit the north Island as you can bask in the beautiful weather on any one of the magnificent beaches that can be found at this lush haven. But no matter what time of year it is, there is also an abundant amount of things to see and do, for all ages! New Zealand is a holiday maker’s paradise!

The North Island is made up of many amazing delights such as the beautiful rolling green hills that surround the vibrant city of Wellington as well as the very famous Bay of Islands where you can sit and relax on pristine beaches and swim in the most spectacular blue water. Drive from Tauranga in the Bay Of Plenty to visit Taupo and the bubbling mud of Rotorua and the ever smoking craters of the Central Volcanic Plateau and not to forget the happening city of Auckland, which is a cosmopolitan city known for its vibrant Pacific culture and stunning harbours. With so many attractions to be enjoyed while you are holidaying in the North Island you will wonder how you are possibly going to fit it all in!

Every kind of holiday is possible when you are planning to visit the north island, whether you are planning to experience the country side by bicycle, motor bike, motor home or with a caravan in tow, it will be a holiday that you will never forget and will always want to come back and experience it again and again!

From it volcanic wonders, skiing, fishing, diving, wineries, hiking and pristine beaches, the north island of New Zealand will prove to be a wonderland for of enjoyment and beautiful memories. So many people come to engulf themselves in the natural beauty that makes up this amazing island, and enjoy its many pleasures that it holds so dear.

So why don’t you call us today so that we can begin to arrange the holiday of a lifetime to the amazing and wonder North Island of New Zealand.

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