Ayers Rock, Uluru

The famous sandstone formation that sits in the middle of Australia is undoubtedly the world’s greatest tourist attraction. Ayers Rock stands at 348m high and although it is a great mass to witness when you are there it is even more astounding to think that there is over two-thirds of the rock is bellow ground. It is a natural attraction that has enticed people for years to come and see with its every changing vibrant colours of reds, browns, blues and pink that always seem to be changing as the day drifts on.

It doesn’t matter how many amazing photos you see of this commanding natural attraction, it is certainly one that you need to see in real life! With its powerful presence you will be in awe of its sheer greatness and want to learn more about this beautiful monolith.

The Aboriginal people say that Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, holds great significance to them and as you wander around the base of the rock you can hear a great deal of stories to be told about the Dreamtime. You can also learn a lot of the rock itself and the surrounding National Parklands.

It is advised that the climb to the top is not done, but if you wish to proceed you must consider your fitness as it can get quite enduring at times and you must have a really good pair of hiking boots. But the walk around the bottom of the Ayers Rock proves to be just as rewarding as you can visit the caves and Aboriginal rock art that is displayed. You may also wish to see this giant landmark by air so why not arrange a scenic flight with one of the local Northern Territory companies to give you a bird’s eye view!

You can experience these wonderful attractions in many ways, from day tours, extended tours with a variety of companies or perhaps you would like to arrange a self driving holiday for the whole family. With every possible type of accommodation from hostels, caravan parks, hotels, motels and beautiful resorts you can do a travelling holiday on a budget or really slash out and treat yourself to luxury and style all the way. With many shopping and dining options to really make your trip a memorable one, you will be delighted with the variety of choices.

From dusk till dawn you can go exploring until your heart’s content, as there is just so much to see and do within the region. A couple of days just isn’t enough when you are planning to come to Ayers Rock, you are definitely going to need longer! From hiking, camping, an array of tours and rental options as well as accommodation, dining and attraction galore you are sure to be pleased from the moment you arrive at your holiday destination. It is a location that hold so much beauty and nature wonder that where ever you look your breath will be taken away.

So please jump on the phone today so that you can talk with any one of our friendly staff members how are waiting for your call so that they can begin to make the arrangements for your holiday getaway to Ayers Rock.

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