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With a stunning outlook over the Bay of Islands, Waitangi is one of the most historic sites of New Zealand, also known as the birthplace of New Zealand, where beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and natural surrounds creates the ultimate holiday spot for all occasions. Waitangi is a beautiful destination located along the coast of the North Island of New Zealand that presents a holiday spot filled with much delight. Whether you are after a holiday of rest and relaxation, a family adventure brimming with activities or a holiday where you can spend every waking moment enjoying all the perks that New Zealand north island has to offer, Waitangi is the place to be.

A couple of nights here just isnt going to be enough to really experience all that this seaside city boasts! From cruising around the crystal blue waters of the Bay of Islands where dolphins break the bow of the boat, to watching breaching whales, fishing the deep ocean waters for a guaranteed catch of the day or perhaps just a luxury sailing trip taking in the spectacular coastal scenery around Waitangi can be some of the many on water activities you can have here. Diving around the Bay of Islands is something that cannot be missed as are the speed boat rides cruising closely to rugged cliff faces that will certainly get the heart pumping. Slow the pace down or really speed it up, as Waitangi has everything for all travellers no matter what your taste or budget might be.

Arrange your ideal accommodation from a budget hotel room, to a farm stay, self contained luxury apartment or waterfront hotel and see what the nearby town of Paihia has instore for you. Explore the mountain ranges, walk along pristine beaches, visit the wineries and learn about the fascinating history and heritage that surrounds Waitangi in the cultural centres and museums. Visit the city around Waitangi Day, every February the 6th, where festivities and shows marks this important day in history every year. Once you have explored the National Parks boasting hiking trails, waterfalls so crystal clear you can see all the way to the bottom, wildlife and beautiful rainforests you may wish to spend a bit of time in the city enjoying the attractions.

There are golf courses with amazing views to take in as you make your way around the course, do some shopping or take time out for a mouth watering breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the numerous restaurants or al fresco cafes that line the streets. Waitangi is a place of unparalleled beauty, where pristine surrounds and natural attractions engulf you and where each and every day will be filled with something new and exciting. It is a holiday destination that has to be seen to be believed so make a point of visiting the beautiful and historical destination of Waitangi.

Whether it be for your, your surfing adventure or summer break away from the sweltering heat, Waitangi can be your ultimate north island holiday destination where an endless summer or winter vacation destination awaits you.