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Travelling around the great state of Victoria has never been easier with means of travel being by car, train, bus or by air.

The best way to see Victoria and all its hidden secretes, is most definitely by car, because you can travel where you want to when you want to. With all of the major roads being completely sealed, driving through this great state has never been easier. With fantastic road trips that include that Twelve Apostles, The Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, The Yarra Valley and the famous High Country, you can really relax as you travel at your own speed through pristine rainforests, National Parklands and visiting some of the best sights in Victoria. You can travel via your own car or there are plenty of car hire companies within Australia that will gladly organise a suitable rental car for your next road trip.

Some people like to get to where they’re going as soon as possible without any time wasted and if this is the case with you then travelling via air is the best option. With major airline companies running daily services to and from all of the major towns and cities it is easy to get to any part of Australia within the strictest of timeframes. Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Blue run regular flights throughout Victoria, though if you are travelling to a small country town or seaside town you may have to organise a charter flight. Many companies run regular flights all throughout Victoria, and some places such as Mount Hotham in the High Country service their own airport that you can fly directly to.

All of the major bus and train services run through Victoria and are able to take you where you want to go. From major cities to country towns and seaside villages, no matter where you are heading a bus or train service will get you there.

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