Port Stephens

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Port Stephens is one of the true gems of the New South Wales coastline, where pristine beaches fringe its shores, where crystal clear ocean waters beacon you to swim in and where lush forests and National Parks hold natural wonders of many kinds. It is classed as an aquatic playground with its sheltered harbour precinct, protected bays and inlets and water sports of many kinds to keep everyone entertained and happy when spending the day near the waters edge. Port Stephens is a special coastal holiday destination with so much to see and do, that you are certainly going to need more than just a couple of days to experience it all.

Whether it something on dry land you are searching for or a cruise or charter to board while holidaying in Port Stephens you can fill your days with numerous things to see and do. Enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving the coral reef gardens that lie just off shore, do some game or reef fishing to see what you can reel in or even enjoy a day of whale watching with the migrating whales playing just of Port Stephens between the months of July and October or cruise around the neighbouring islands that lie just off the coast. From marine adventures to land attractions, Port Stephens is loaded! Explore the volcanic peaks, hike the bush walking trails through the National Parks and forests or set out with the kids for a day of cycling along the winding coastal paths and scenic routes.

Enjoy the lookouts, pack a picnic and head up to the lighthouse or spend as much time as you possibly can by the waters edge where you will have paddle boats, catamarans, sailboards, surfing, parasailing and more at your fingertips. Loaded with history for you to soak up, brimming with shops, retail outlets and boutiques along with cafes and restaurants that line the streets, you can eat, dine, shop and really treat yourself to a relaxing holiday by the sea at Port Stephens.

There are numerous places of accommodation for you to select between, no matter what your budget might be! Backpacker hostels, budget motor inns, self contained apartments, boutique hotels and private luxury retreats to just name a few will give you every opportunity to explore and discover the sights and delights of Port Stephens as well as provide wonderful accommodation for you to return home to at the end of every day.

Port Stephens can be your ideal holiday destination where you will want for nothing! With a touch of old and new, you can soak up the history and heritage of Port Stephens portrayed in the museum and other historical sites around town as well as enjoy modern conveniences and facilities that will certainly add to your trip. Spend some time four wheel driving the sand dunes or horse riding along the beach, there are neighbouring towns and cities to visit, natural attractions and countless outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy. Port Stephens in New South Wales will have you in holiday mode from the moment you arrive, so find out what holiday packages and deals you can take advantage of and start planning your trip to Port Stephens, a holiday of leisure!