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Victoria is the country's second largest state as far as population is concerned and Melbourne is the capital city. It lies on the shores of Port Phillip Bay on the southern coastline, and on the banks of the Yarra River. Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia. It is the home of Australian rules football and the meat pie. The city was founded by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1835 and since then it has grown to have a current population in excess of four million people. For some reason most of the immigrants who come to Australia seem to like Melbourne best and tend to settle here. This is causing considerable population growth and statistics show that Melbourne will overtake Sydney as Australia's largest city by 2037.

Melbourne is a city that attracts tourists like a magnet. It has lots of very good accommodation in hotels and apartments and its immediate surroundings provide beautiful destinations for day tours and weekends away. To the south is the Mornington Peninsula with its wineries and seaside villages. Further south is Phillip Island and the wonderful wildlife that lives there. The Yarra Valley and the Bellarine Peninsular provide spectacular scenery and wonderful places to get away yet still be only a short drive from the city.

Apart from the magnificent scenery surrounding the city, Melbourne has many attractions and activities that keep all the local entertained. Melbourne is Australia's shopping heaven with dozens of shopping plaza's and centers. When the sales are on in Melbourne, there is an influx of people from all over the region, looking for a bargain. The Australian football code has its headquarters in Melbourne and locals are fanatical about the game. Before they ask you your name, they will want to know which team you support. Games are on every weekend and hundreds of thousands of Melburnians will go to watch the game, rain, hail or shine. Melbourne has a reputation that its weather provides rain, hail and shine almost every day as well.

Melbourne is also about food. While every city has plenty of restaurants and cafes, Melbourne is the foodies center of the country. Because of the number of immigrants living in Melbourne you can now go to a restaurant serving the home style cuisine of almost every country in the world. The variety of what is on offer is absolutely astonishing.

Why not come and visit Melbourne, who knows, you may even decide to stay like so many other people.

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