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When visiting Western Australia, one place that should always be on the itinerary is Broome which sits on the edge of the Kimberley region where you will discover turquoise ocean waters, palm tree lined beaches and a vibrant atmosphere that is easily soaked up. It is a special kind of coastal community where you will come across a unique blend of old and new, Asian and Australia cultures and a coastal setting that creates the perfect retreat away from it all.

Being the gateway to the Kimberly region which lies right at its doorstep, Broome can either your base camp for a holiday by the sea or a starting point for days of exploration. Broome is renowned for its many natural wonders that lie within its borders, from the famous Staircase to the Moon where the tidal flats give off an impressive illusion to Cable Beach where you can ride on the back of a camel, swimming in the beautiful Indian Ocean to simply just holidaying in one of the best places in the northern parts of Western Australia. Its resort appeal is perfect for all types of holidays, honeymoons, business trips and backpacking stopovers where all types of accommodation can be booked so that you can enjoy the many sights and delights that Broome has to offer.

Being the pearling capital of the world you will have the chance to tour through working pearl farms, purchase one of the most sought after pearls in the world from jewellery stores and peal showrooms, browse the local markets, tour through China Town for a step back in time or catch a show at the worlds oldest open air picture garden in the heart of Broome. This coastal community really does have a unique flair, with an eclectic mix of old and new, where stately homes, grand buildings and original old iron huts from the old pearling days tells the stories of the past and present. You can do a little shopping, enjoy the numerous cafes, restaurants, eateries and waterfront dining options that there are to choose from or simply relax on the miles of sun kissed beaches that are lapped by the most beautiful of turquoise ocean waters that you will ever see.

Feeling like you are worlds away from anything else, Broome can certainly be your ultimate holiday destination where boutique breweries offer taste testing, scenic flights will take you over the Kimberleys, you can play a round of golf in the morning and then cap it off with drinks by the waters edge. There is something for everyone in Broome, history, culture, natural attractions, dining, shopping and world class destinations. With its stunning coastal scenery that boast numerous places of interest such as Anastasias Pool and the Dinosaurs Footprints Gantheaume Point, every traveller, young and young at heart will fall in love with Broome, so why dont you come and discover for yourself the best coastal town in northern Western Australia, where a few days simply wont be enough to enjoy everything that this town has to offer.

Crocodile farms, botanical gardens, tours, cruises, charters and more, along with everything else, is just the beginning of what you will have to look forward to when you start planning your Western Australian holiday to Broome.

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