Australia & New Zealand Backpackers

International backpackers coming to Australia and New Zealand are in for the travel experience of a lifetime. Here are two countries with everything that the young traveler will want to see and experience. Over the last twenty five years or so an ever increasing number of travelers on a limited budget have been coming from the UK, Europe and Asia to experience the fantastic holiday ambience that exists in Australia & New Zealand and to travel and tour to the many tourist icons that abound in both countries. The infrastructure to cater for this explosion in numbers has grown at an amazing rate and now almost every town has a least one backpacker hostel and a number of tours to show off the local attractions. There is work available in many areas to assist young people to stop and save some money during their travels. Both countries are really easy to get to with international airports located throughout Australia and on both the north and south islands of New Zealand.

If you choose to visit New Zealand first then you can fly into Auckland on the north island or Christchurch on the south island and from there you can plan your itinerary. A campervan or motor home is a fantastic way to see the country if your budget allows. Not only does it give you the freedom to travel where ever you like but it provides your accommodation as well and there are caravan parks and camping areas across both countries to cater for all your needs. There are also many organized tours that will take you to see all the major tourist attractions in the country. If you choose to fly to Australia first you have the option of entering through Darwin in the north, Cairns or Brisbane in Queensland, Sydney in New South Wales, Melbourne in Victoria or Perth in Western Australia. This range provides a huge list of options as to which itinerary you should plan for your Australian visit. You should make a list of all the destinations that you wish to visit then contact one of our consultants who will help you to put it all together so that everything works seamlessly.

There are so many options available that it is difficult to name them all. We suggest that you visit our Australian backpacker page followed by our New Zealand backpacker's page where we have listed some of the options. In each region of our websites you will find a backpackers page with all the information you will need to travel through that area and each of these pages has links to the adjoining region page so you can move along the coast or from town to town with ease. If you need help don’t hesitate to email or call our consultants for help.