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Adventure Tours Australia

Do I need to reconfirm my tour?

YES! FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN THE CANCELLATION OF YOUR BOOKING. You must call before 16:00hrs (4:00pm) the day prior to travel with the name of your accommodation and room number.

How fit do I have to be?

Their tours are active so a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability is needed. If you enjoy hiking through gorges, swimming in waterfalls and directly experiencing the environment then their tours are perfect for you. If you have any doubts about your suitability for their tours, please contact us for more information.

How much luggage can I bring?

The vehicle has limited space so please keep your luggage to a maximum of 15 kgs in a backpack or soft overnight bag with a small day pack for easy access to camera, film, sunblock etc.

Do I have to participate?

Part of the enjoyment of the tours is bonding with a group of like-minded adventurers so they make them active and hands on. With the exception of the ‘Safari in Style’ tour, passengers are expected to help with the preparation of food, washing of dishes and general assistance to the guide as directed.

What do I eat?

Their emphasis is on fresh food wherever possible and meals are nutritious and varied. If you are vegetarian or gluten intolerant they can cater for you, but if you have very specific dietary needs you may need to provide your own food, please discuss this at time of booking. For breakfast they supply cereals, toast, tea and coffee. Lunch is usually a self-serve sandwich and salads; in the evening they have a cooked dinner. They always carry water in the vehicle and you will often have the chance to buy your own drinks, ice-creams etc at stops.

How much water do I need to drink?

Doctors advise that between 2 and 3 litres (10-12 glasses) of water per day is essential when travelling in Australia. All vehicles carry adequate water supplies.

Where do I meet the tour?

Please ask ust for your pick-up details at time of booking.

What are Local Payments?

These are National Park Entry fees and the Fuel Levy. National Park Entry fees are seasonal or need to be collected separate to the tour price.  Local payments also include a Fuel Levy to cover the continuing high oil prices

National Park Entry Fees (subject to change) per person:
Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park: AUD$25
Boat transfer to Twin Falls (Kakadu NP): AUD$12.50
Tasmanian National Parks:
East Coast - AUD$11 per entry
West Coast - AUD$22 per entry

Fuel Levy:
No levy for Day Tours
AU$12 for tours 1.5 - 5 days
AU$17 for tours/packages 5 - 8 days
AU$20 for tours/packages 9+ days

Can I smoke and drink on the vehicle?

Australian Government regulations prohibit smoking and the drinking of alcohol inside tourist vehicles in Australia (smoking and drinking should be limited to stops along the route).

What’s the climate like in Australia?

Australia is by nature a warm and friendly place. You can expect high temperatures in the summer but be prepared for lower temperatures at night and during the Australian winter. Conditions can change quickly, especially in Southern Australia, and you should be prepared for rain and snow at times.

Conditions of Travel

Adventure Tours Australia reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its tours and arrange alternative carriers to those advertised if necessary. No refunds will be given in these circumstances or in the event of any delay, curtailment or alteration of a trip resulting from any cause including severe weather conditions or mechanical failure.

A minimum number of passengers is required to operate each tour. It may therefore be necessary to cancel a scheduled departure and to offer an alternative or full refund for that tour. Adventure Tours can’t guarantee pick up or drop off times and are not liable for passenger failure to connect with other services. They accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings or baggage. The Aboriginal Components of the Top End Tours are subject to cultural conditions. Participants may be absent due to Cultural commitments with little prior notification and Adventure Tours Australia reserves the right to amend the itinerary in these circumstances and no refunds will be given.

Itinerary Disclaimer

Itineraries are correct at time of publishing and may differ slightly to the one in the brochure. Occasionally itineraries change as they make improvements based on comments from past travellers and their own research.  The brochure is printed in December for release in April, therefore if you have booked from a previous brochure there may have been changes to improve the itinerary.

Release form

Adventure travel carries a higher than normal risk and a signed release will be required from all participants before tour departure. This is signed on the first day of departure on each separate touring module if part of a larger package.

Cancellation Policy

Adventure Tours Australia will charge the following fees in event of booking cancellations:
48 Hours - 30 Days
25% of Fare 24 Hours - 48 Hours    
50% of Fare Within 24 Hours
100% of Fare

Other operator cancellation fees may vary from the above and are available on request. If the booking is made through us then cancellations should be through us, an additional fee may apply to those mentioned above.


Children 7 years and under are not permitted to travel on any tour
Children 12 years and under are not permitted to travel on 4WD tours (bookings will be accepted for the NTK3 & AR4 -full adult fare).
Children over 12 years of age pay full adult fare
Children aged 8-12 years receive a discount on most tours.
Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to travel unless accompanied by an adult.


Whilst Adventure Tours Australia make every effort to safeguard their clients, they cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss due to events which are beyond their control, nor can Australian Travel Wholesalers. Passengers should note that adventure travel involves a higher than normal risk and a signed release will be REQUIRED from all participants before tour departure.


Travel insurance is NOT included, tho we strongly recommend that passengers have their own travel insurance against illness, injury, loss/damage to personal belongings and not being able to travel on the confirmed departure date. Please call us for more information on Travel Insurance.

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