Hamilton Island Accommodation

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The accommodation on Hamilton Island is one of this resorts greatest attractions. If you have ever booked into a resort and on arrival, you have found the rooms on offer do not look like the ones you saw on the internet, you will be pleased to know that such an experience will not happen on Hamilton Island. Regular refurbishments and the regular construction of new accommodation has given the accommodation on Hamilton Island a reputation for excellence. All the accommodation that is managed by the resort is of a top standard. There are some privatly owned apartments on the island that are not managed by the resort and standards of these is sometimes not what a visitor might expect.

Hamilton Island accommodation is to be found in several different style, each is a separate resort. The most popular of these is the multi story Reef View Hotel. Lower level rooms are the cheapest and known as garden view rooms. As you ascend the building on the outside glass lift, you come to the Coral Sea view rooms which all have large balconies and command spectacular views over the resort itself and the surrounding waters and islands of the Whitsunday passsage. The top floor of the Reef View Hotel contains the suites. Across the street from the Reef View Hotel is the Beach Club resort. This is a five star experience and is designed for couples to completly escape from the main resort areas. it has its own restaurant and swimming pool and is great for honeymooners and corporate visitors.

The latest additions to the Hamilton Island accommodation list is Qualia resort and the Hamilton Island yacht Club Villas. These are both new in 2010 and constructed to the highest standards. Qualia is at the northern end of the island and is a gated development where the accommodation is in individual bures each with its own private plunge pool. They are each private from each other and have wonderful settings overlooking the local waterways and islands. Qualia also has its own restaurant and all meals are included in the tariff. The Yacht Club villas are much larger and cater for families looking for the best accommodation in the Whitsundays. These villas are located beside the Hamilton Island marina and the new yacht club.

Hamilton Island also has many holiday homes and self catering apartments. The most popular of these is the Whitsunday holiday apartments which are located on the resort side of the island next door to the Reef View Hotel. They are manages separatly from the Hamilton Island resort. Our experienced staff have visited nearly all of the accommodation types on Hamilton Island and are able to offer up to date advice on the best places to stay.

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