Victoria Tours

Victoria is one of those special places that you just want to experience in full and see everything that is has to offer. But sometimes, we don’t have a lot of time to do it all, so booking a tour is the smart way to go about seeing the best parts of Victoria.

AAT Kings is one of those specialised bus companies that rolls all of the highlights, delights and hidden secretes all into one sightseeing adventure. You can travel around for 3 days or 31 days, just depending on how much time you have and what you want to see. AAT Kings have excellent tours that take you to the Highlands where you can visit the ski slopes, as well as going to the Yarra Valley and taste some of Australia’s finest wines. They also include special places like The Murray River where you can cruises along on a steam boat, and drive along the Great Ocean Road taking in all of the splendour and wonder along the way. From Ballarat to Melbourne and The Grampians to the beautiful country side, there is a tour to suit everyone’s taste, budget and special interests. AAT Kings have been operating for many years, and strive to provide only the highest quality service to all its guests, and with all packages involving meals and accommodation, you really can’t go wrong.

Adventure Tours Australia is another fantastic company that provides a range of excellent tours for everyone to experience the wonder of Victoria. They do one day tours of sightseeing in Melbourne, checking out the best retail outlets, restaurants, hidden alleyways full of surprises and sightseeing attractions. As well as eighteen day tours where you get to travel around on a luxury coach, starting in the great city of Melbourne and ending up in Darwin, and along the way witnessing some of Australia most beautiful spectacles. Travel the Great Ocean Road for the day, or take a day trip to see the cute and cuddly koala’s and penguins on Phillip Island. You can also embark on a Melbourne to Adelaide tour, or Melbourne to Sydney. You might even being thinking of visiting the red centre so why not book yourself onto the Melbourne to Alice Springs tour. Adventure Tours Australia really do, do it all! If they don’t have it, it doesn’t exist!


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