Norfolk Island

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There is a place just off the coast of New South Wales that seems to be the mirror image of heaven with its lush green mountains, sandy white beaches, azure blue waters, tall standing pine trees that line the shoreline and cascading waterfalls so refreshing you will never want to get out! This place is called Norfolk Island and with all it serenity and plentiful supply of attractions and activities it still remains barely untouched from the outside world.

It is here that you can enjoy lush surroundings as you relax on the beach and listen to the rolling waves lap the shoreline, or wander through the beautiful National Park and get close to nature. It is a place where you can forget about the everyday stresses of life and just be whisked away on a journey so unforgettable that you will never want it to end. Laze on the lush rolling crisp green grass as you look out to the Pacific Ocean and admire the commanding views that completely engulf you where ever you look.

Norfolk Island - New South WalesNorfolk Island - New South Wales

While you are holiday on Norfolk Island will sometime have to remind yourself that you aren't the only ones on the island, as it is so peaceful and so quiet you can sometimes forget. You can retreat away in one of the many bays and inlets that make up this island and just relax for the day or you enjoy the great selection of restaurants, take away outlets, cafes, shopping and entertainment that the island also boasts. The great tasting seafood is something that should always be tried while you are on the island, as it is caught fresh everyday and with every bite you will have your taste buds in spin with the quality and taste that you encounter. The chefs go to great lengths to make sure that every meal is a memorable one!

Surrounded by reefs, Norfolk Island is densely covered in rainforest and clusters of the island's famous pine trees it's an island so beautiful Captain Cook described it as "paradise" when he claimed it in 1774. Be prepared for a change of pace when you arrive, you won't find any traffic lights here and driving is so relaxed that cows have right of way on the roads.

Norfolk Island - New South WalesNorfolk Island - New South Wales

Lagoons and ocean reefs surround the island, so there are plentiful supply of water sports to be enjoyed as well. Divers will love the 30 world class diving sites and snorkellers will marvel at the vibrant colours of more than 100 different types of coral as well as a multitude of tropical fish and other marine life in the lagoon. Emily Bay is a picturesque and safe place for swimming, and you might like to kayak around the cliff faces. Or why not grab a surfboard and join the locals for a few waves at the end of the day!

While Norfolk Island is technically part of New South Wales, its really a destination in its own right that is great for families looking for the ideal family holiday destination with plenty of things to see and do, couples who want the perfect hideaway for some quality time together, friends who want a destination with excitement and fun filled adventure as well as being a great place for the next business function that you might be organising. So why don't you call one of our staff members today so that you can discuss with them, the many attractions that Norfolk Island boasts.

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